Lil cairo



Another black man shot down again.



Its so funny how a person in washington Dc,America gets into a hotel or a cafe,he orders a pizza and a soda or a juice to assist him swallow the pizza without no trouble in his throat.So the pizza is served brought to the table and the soda. So the man starts to enjoy,but here…


vee As the sun was setting down.its orange colour on the eastern horizon,we sat on the green grass.Her back on my chest and my arms around her chest.We stayed low.A cool breeze from the ocean hittin us straight making her hair cover my face evrytime. The waves waved heavily to the shore indicating an increase…

Family matters

The sun rises.its rays to the eastern side.The birds flock together.The ocean sings to the coast.The dew is seen on the grass. So she starts crying of her husband.Her son on the table listening.The bread so soft but hard to get swallowed.On the radio songs of the common lover.Crowing of the crows outside the hoods.Silemce!!!…

2016 here we come

hoping the best in this wonderful year the year started well for i just dont know about you pals….bh hope its cul to every creature in this world of ours… #excited


They keep on saying baking is for moms bh am prooving them wrong…. *i really ♥ baking* #moods Posted from WordPress for Android

Eat sleep rave repeat!!

have fun dear…. this marks the end of a year you never know what is coming for next year #2016 #happy Posted from WordPress for Android